Scholars dispute and the case is still before the courts. Quintus Horace (65-8 BC)

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Centrifugal Forces. The big engine

Gas balls in outer space are assembled from prime energy by LED zones, availability of gas determines (like our
moon) final size. Balls need pressure increase to generate heat, because gravitational pull cannot generate heat.

Heat on a perpetual basis can only be generated by a perpetual pressure increase as  provided by centrifugal
forces  (CF) when a  ball of cold gas starts to spin, thereby
perpetually pressurizing gas along the equator. This
causes  currents to flow outwards, then towards the centre and back to the equator as a illustrated. This gradually
turns balls of cold gas into a balls of hot gas like our sun, hence creation

                                  Currents generated by centrifugal forces will:-                                                 

Generate heat by perpetual pressurisation               
Distribute that heat throughout  gas balls                 
Use heat/pressure/milling to manufacture particles/atoms              
Manufacture from particles the nuclei of  small gas         
balls that end up as moons and planets like ours            
Convert larger gas balls into burning stars, like our sun          
Create solar flares (sun spots) at S1,2,3,4 where CF        
rise to near the surface either side of the equator    
Move tectonic plates, causing continental drift, forcing
massive mountain ranges like the Himalayas, Andes         
Alter the magnetic North pole       
Create a buildup of material at points M1 and M2 which will become        
continental crusts, in our case 30-40 km thick against our oceanic crust                
of 6-8 km thickness which was created by "rifting"

Spinning motion also initiates the perpetual motion of matter (PEMM),
(see below) which makes spinning balls the  big engines that drive creation, hence life

Pemm and Earth's Magnetic Field

PEMM ( perpetual motion of matter) discovered by Jan Ingenhousz in 1785  (also known as Brownian motion) was
introduced under "Index".

Permanent magnets can only be created from four extremely hard metals; nickel, iron, cobalt, gadolinium and their
alloys. For that reason the whole Earth cannot possibly resemble a bar type magnet in any way. Even a  gas ball like
Jupiter produces a tremendously powerful  magnetic field, some 19 times stronger than our own. The only  possibility
is that since the Earth is rotating  inside  the magnetic fields produced by our sun, all our planets and millions of  
irregularly spaced  stars and gas balls in our galaxy,  atoms cutting through that magnitude of different fields become
agitated  (in much the same way the gyros  described under "Spinning things"  in Titbits2) causing matter to be
disturbed, perpetually causing prime energy displacements, therefor a permanent magnetic field.

PEMM  is  not only the origin of magnetic fields surrounding planets, gas balls and stars, it also is the
initiator and
driving force behind Coulomb's fields, hence of all known reactions and  interactions, including duplication of our
cells, life, etc. It keeps things moving, makes movement through restricted spaces such as capillary action possible,
allow atoms to slip easily pass others in order to create new interactions.


Light's speed per se, is of no significance, it simply is one of a vast number of frequencies crisscrossing the space
around us. It is by coincidence, the frequency our eyes are sensitive to.

Start of current wisdom. It  suggests that light could be a photon and/or a wave, the weirdest concept
ever devised by the human mind. In it's photon mode  it is a particle with no declared shape nor consistency, no rest
mass, nor energy, i.e. it is nothing. But this nothing can presumably have a charge, can be a force carrier, can
interact and has both spin and  momentum. Or light metamorphoses  into a wave  with wave  properties such as
amplitude. Such a wave is "electromagnetic" but is electro magnetic neutral. Wow!

One is lead to believe that
all round white light from a wax candle (or from a pure tungsten filament) constitutes  
photons/waves travelling in millions of different directions simultaneously, at 24/48 million different speeds  producing
24 to 48 million color hues. And that you can see a single color (a green leaf) because all other colors were
absorbed. But where and how is the absorbed light stored.?  
End of current  wisdom.

The word photon was coined by Gilbert Lewis in 1926, Einstein called it light quantum  a concept he borrowed from
Planck, who's concept is an elegantly quantified reversion to Newton's corpuscular theory, ignoring poor Maxwell.

A canon ball travels from point A to B, literally, but light does not travel since there is no mass and/or particles that
move forward. It is caused by small displacements of prime energy. Prime energy happens to be a virtual solid, i.e. it
contains no open spaces, a small disturbance therefor pass along instantaneously to the other side of the world.
This phenomenon is related to Pascal's Law, in the sense  that the entire universe is a virtual solid at the same

The colourless displacements known as white light cause disturbances when it strikes colourless matter.  Unique link
structures formed by protons/neutrons inside atoms provide for unique elasticities, the actual time the recipient’s
links  inside atoms take to recover between strikes will determine its colour.

The above explains reflected light. Light traversing our optically dense space however must abide by a different rule
because it  is blocked, slowed down. A mountain range illustrates this nicely when the peaks closest are green, those
a little further away are bluish and furthest away purple.  Sunsets are interesting because light is blocked by a more
dense atmosphere and is also refracted. With the sun just
below the horizon, the clouds just above the horizon are
yellow, higher up the color is orange and finally to red  where both refraction and density are severe and slowing
down at its maximum. Higher up red turns black.

The reader should now be able to explain why comet tails are pushed away by the sun and why the moon upon
reaching a
full eclipse, turns red.

Charged Particles and Nuclear Explosions
(Please also see "dinosaur extinction" below)

The theory proposed by Lisa Meitner (circa 1939)  of bouncing neutrons releasing energy causing nuclear
explosions cannot be taken seriously because where/how/in what could that energy have been stowed the past  
billions of  years? In order to be "released" energy must consist of something concrete, surely. If true an atom, say
uranium, must weigh more than the sum of its parts in order to account for the hidden energy.

fusion to occur,  "current wisdom" suggests, nuclei of low atomic number fuse to form a heavier nucleus, but for
that to happen very high kinetic energy at a
very high temperature is needed.  Nuclear fusion must be some sort of a
joke, it is like saying; 2+2=100 without explaining  where the 96 comes from.
Hans Bethe produced such stunning
mathematics showing why/how our sun burns that he received the Nobel Prize. Unfortunately he forgot to tell us how
the sun in the first instance, got so hot for fusion to start. Some 70 years have passed since they dropped that
massive fusion bomb on Japan, but they still cannot create sustainable reactions (like our sun) for use in power
stations. Hans' brilliant mathematics turned out to be, sadly, not of much use.

Bertram Boltwood discovered an uranium-rich rock which also contained lead and helium. He postulated that
uranium decayed into lead, a theory accepted by the scientific community. Between uranium and lead however there
nine (9) other elements,  thorium-232 for example they say, decays with a half-life of 14.05 billion years,  
Bismuth the element one above stable lead has a half-life of a
billion times the estimated age of the universe.

If every atom in a uranium  sample loses one proton in order to become pure protactinium, how could one tell
the difference between natural occurring protactinium and the new arrival? The same procedure must repeat itself
another seven
(7) time times before arriving at the final indestructible stable barrier called bismuth. Then only can it
become lead.  Since there is no way of proving  the theory correct,  there is
no evidence, not even circumstantial,
that natural uranium actually decays.

The "zircon" method of dating does not differ all that much from the stumbling blocks mentioned above  because
zircons apparently contain trace amounts of uranium and thorium that can be dated. But uranium/lead's atomic
of 92/82 differ much from zirconium's 40, their coming together must have been accidental having been
manufactured at vastly different times and places.

Potassium/argon dating is a joke because potassium with an atomic weight of 2.05 per proton/neutron cannot decay
into a
bigger argon at 2.2 per pair, i.e. decay cannot make quarks grow bigger.

De mortuis nil nisi bonum,  bless Boltwood's soul, but his theory is not correct.

One must take the following into account.  1.
It is only mass (matter) that can  become radioactive, disintegrate or
expand. 2.
It is gravity that keeps nuclei huddled in the centre of an atom, a proton, a quark. 3. A rock containing
uranium cannot explode, only high concentrations can. 4.
And, one must answer the following questions: Why are
only a certain range of atoms, those with 83 and more protons radioactive?  
Why, how, when, with what do  they
generate gamma rays, heat and/or explode?

Nuclear decay, if true, implies that atoms loose a specific number of its protons over a specific period, but since that
happens very, very, slowly it is
not flying bits and pieces that are dangerous, it is high frequency displacements.

The word "charge" normally refers to something positive, like "The Charge of the Light Brigade" or charging a car's
battery.  All quarks/electrons/atoms  are  charged, but  only in the sense that they create their own surrounding
fields/displacements. Other fields/forces are hypothetical, they exist only in the minds of  people..

All atoms with 83 or more protons do not have stable nuclei, being big and very active, they displace too much prime
energy, the result being intense LED zones which equals the density zones that  bonds quarks and  which links
protons/neutrons together. With the result that quarks specially
those of isotopes, become freer to move around fast,
creating chaos, which results in the transmission of very short, harmful gamma rays.

Whereas a nuclear explosion happens when
all perpetual movement of matter is stopped, causing  protective fields
simultaneously collapse, normally by an external explosion. Allowing captured prime energy contained in quarks
and electrons to expand and return to prime energy with a bang, simply because there is
NOTHING else inside an
atom that can go

The theory of bouncing neutrons causing nuclear explosions by releasing energy is poppycock.  Where is that
enormous amount of energy stored? With what, why, how, are neutrons propelled so fierce that they smash atoms?

Why Dinosaur Extinction is a Farce
(Please also see "charged particles" above)

Species come an species go, fewer than 2% of the species  that ever lived the past 1 000 million years, are alive
today.  The dinosaurs, a reptile offshoot, also came  and also went,  
just like all the others.  Why the fanfare?
Dinosaur extinction of 65 million years ago as a result of a meteorite strike, is a farce because:-

a. It is based 100% on circumstantial evidence since there is no link between iridium in the Alps
and a
presumed impact site of unknown date, in Mexico the way Luis Walter Alvarez originally suggested. It will not
be accepted by any court of law anywhere in the world.
b. One can date fossil bones using carbon up to 49 000 years only. Older than that one can only date  the stuff that
penetrated the bones during fossilisation. Fossil bones, which now resemble stones, are
completely irrelevant.
Radioactive elements are common only in rocks of volcanic origin, therefor, the only fossil-bearing rocks that can be
dated radiometrically are a few volcanic ash layers. Fossils discovered in one of those  ash layers will always date
the same as the ash layer,
c. Other problems associated with uranium/lead dating was explained above under "Charged Particles", above.
d. Air between the Northern and Southern hemispheres don't mix because air flow towards and rises at the equator,
only to move in loops back to where it came from, The presumed impact site is about 2 000 km North of the equator,
close to the Tropic of Cancer from where most air flows back again.
Some dinosaurs North of the equator could have
been affected by dust  but  South of the equator
not at all.
e.  Dust from volcanic eruptions normally settles within days, so also would dust from  meteorite strikes.   Readers will
recall the massive ejections from the volcano on Iceland a few years ago when aeroplanes all over downwind Europe,
were grounded and the massive explosion of Mount St. Helens. In both cases some animals died but only those
downwind, extinctions being caused (like Krakatoa in 1883) by
sulfur dioxide, something a meteorite strike cannot

Gyroscopic effect

The engine that drives tornadoes, cyclones  jet lag and electric dynamos is the same, known as  the  gyroscopic
effect. A gyro compass on a ship or aircraft consists of a mounted
NON-MAGNETIC disk continuously set spinning at
many thousands of revolutions per minute. Being narrow, its centrifugal force creates and flings a narrow  high
density prime energy field far outwards.

Like the gyro above, Earth is in direct contact with prime energy, a low density layer of which is dragged along by
friction. The properties of Earth's field and that of the wheel are similar, they push each other away, but the wheel
being more mobile avoids confrontation by taking up a  position where its axis is parallel to Earth’s axis, a position
where pushes from both sides are equal.

Tornadoes. Earth's atoms  are lopsided in the direction of the magnetic poles where  poles will tend to push away
electrons and pull in nuclei or vice versa. If an atom is forced to move up and/or down electrons will brush against the
Earth's flux and the nucleus will act as pivoting point around which the atom will spin, initiating the gyroscopic effect,
the axis of which  tends to align itself parallel to the axis of the Earth in a seamless sequence of restoring torques.

Dynamos. Pass a magnet lengthwise over an insulated copper wire loop attached to a galvanometer and nothing
happens, do so L/R sideways across the wire and there will be a 90° surge of current one way, reverse the move R/L
and the current flows the other way. Contrarily to popular belief such a current does not consists of electrons, some
may go along for the ride, though. It consists of prime energy forced into motion by the gyroscopic effect produced
by atoms when forced into a spin as explained above and where the insulated wire mimics the Earth's axis.

Jet lag. The two explanations above also applies the Jet Lag. Our nervous system is an insulated 70 millivolt electric
network, that cuts through the Earth's magnetic field whilst travelling in a fast aircraft, in which case the
atoms in the
network will tend to generate a current in the same manner as the
atoms inside a copper wire, but where the
insulated network mimics the Earth's axis. This disrupts our nerve's signal transmissions, causing fatigue, also known
as  jet lag with unlike symptoms flying E/ W, than if flying W/E.

Other common uses of the effect are toy spin tops,  boomerangs, yo-yos,   front wheels of bicycles and nowadays in
many electronic devises such as smart phones. The reader must have noticed that the front fork of bicycles are  
curved forward, in order to offset the gyroscopic effect.

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